Bonnechere custom models
Soundtraxx sound decoders
In the real world, locomotives are not silent beasts. Why should they be that way on our layouts? With Soundtraxx decoders they don't have to be. Now you can model that added dimension.
There are two basic types of decoders. Those that control the motor and lights as well as the sound, and sound only decoders. Soundtraxx has discontinued the sound only DSX decoders but we have a limited supply of steam ones on hand.
Tsunami Digital Sound decoders feature:
- great sound with over 20 sound effects, adjustable volume controls, a seven band equalizer and a one watt audio amplifier,
- excellent motor control,
- four functions for headlight, back light and / or other lights. Each function features over a dozen lighting effects.
There are many different Tsunamis for steam and diesel locomotives with each one featuring a number of whistle/horn sounds. A number of drop in models are now available,
The Micro Tsunami will fit in very tight quarters. It is rated at 3/4 of an amp and has two functions. Each decoder has a variety of whistles/horns and the sound features of the regular Tsunami.
Soundtraxx has recently introduced non sound decoders. These allow you to have the same motor control algorithm and lighting effects that are in your Tsunami equipped locomotives. An effective and economical solution for the second and third units in a consist, ABA for example.
Fifteen different speakers, round, oval, square, and edge port are available.
A full product listing and prices are on the Soundtraxx web site, This web site also has sample sounds for the various decoders.
Bonnechere Custom Models' pricing is competitive. Our prices are 10 to 15 per cent below the CDN/US dollar exchange rate adjusted MRSP. If we don't have what you need in stock, we can get it for you quickly.