Bonnechere custom models
NCE, North Coast Engineering DCC
North Coast Engineering NCE is the easy and effective DCC solution. The full featured Pro cab fits easily in hand and has dedicated buttons for the most often used functions. As the train rapidly approaches a level crossing the visiting engineer doesn't have to fret about what function button(s) to use for the horn or whistle. Two longs, a short, and a long on the whistle / horn button and all is okay!
The PowerCab starter system provides a great entry to the NCE world with very few compromises from the full featured system. It comes with its own power supply and connecting cables. With a MSRP of $200.00, it is tremendous value and continues NCE’s reputation as being the user friendly system.
Perhaps equally important - when you need something more you don’t have yo junk what you have and get something else. There are two growth paths from the PowerCab system. Add the smart booster and cabs to handle more locomotives and / or operators. Need even more power - move up to the Power Pro or Power Pro Radio system and your PowerCab can be used as a regular cab in the new system.
All decoders from North Coast Engineering are full featured and "silent running". As well, a broad range of drop in and specialty fit decoders are offered. North Coast Engineering decoders are available from Z scale through 4 and 8 amp ones for those in O or G scale.
At 0.34 x 0.70 x 0.12 inches the N12SR is small! Generic, NMRA plug equipped and a variety of different drop in models are available.
The Z scale decoder is only .34” x .56” x .12” and has four functions
The approach used by North Coast Engineering for wireless is both effective and flexible. It is a duplex radio based system. Because it's radio, it works anywhere in the train room no matter in which direction you have the cab pointed or who's in the way. Since it's duplex, the LCD screen in your cab continues to be updated by the command station. Very handy if you're using the built in scale clock.
Conversion to wireless is simple since it is an upgrade to your existing cab, plus the acquisition of one base station. You can have a mixture of wireless and tethered cabs in use at the same time. If you're starting out, you can go wireless right away, or start with tethered cabs and upgrade in the future.
Bonnechere Custom Models' pricing is competitive. Our prices are 10 to 15 per cent below the CDN/US dollar exchange rate adjusted MRSP. If we don't have what you need in stock, we can get it for you quickly.
Advice and after sales service is a key component. I use North Coast Engineering DCC myself, understand it, and am committed to making it work for you too.
            A full product listing and prices are on the North Coast Engineering web site