Bonnechere custom models
LEDs are the solution for locomotive and caboose lighting, particularly when using DCC. They are bright, consume little power, generate little heat and are long lasting. No worries about melting the plastic or overloading the decoder’s function output.
For Diesel locomotives the 3 mm Golden White LED is the ideal headlight or back light. The colour of the light is very close to that of an incandescent bulb. When not lit, the case is orange in colour.
In most cases the actual light is visible in a steam engine making the Sunny White 3 mm LED a good choice. When not lit the case is clear. The light is not quite as warm as the Golden White but is still on the yellow side.
For ditch lights, cab lights, or class lights the tiny surface mount LED with wires attached is a great choice. These are available in Golden White, Sunny White, Red, and Green. The surface mount LEDs emit light in all directions except the back. As such they are also a good choice for lights in buildings, lamp posts and the like.
A new model has the wires attached to the back but going down making for a slightly easier installation as ditch lights or inside a marker depending on the method of attachment. These are stocked in Golden White.
A current limiting resistor must always be used in series with an LED. Being conservative, I use a 1,500 ohm resistor with the 3 mm LEDs and a 2,000 ohm one with the surface mount LEDS. These values keep the current well below the rated maximum.
All LEDS are supplied with the above noted resistors.